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I don’t have time to think about what to write on my blog, as I should be focusing on how to compare and contrast the 2nd London Confession and the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. I know, riveting. I bet you want me to post that instead, right? Too bad for all you boring-essay-lovers, you get a meme instead! It just might be more insight in to a single woman’s mind than you might like to have!

In honor of Valentine’s Day:

answer the following….
1. If you could have any Celebrity Valentine, who would it be?

Topher Grace. I’m not sure why he was the first person to jump into my head, but he did. I actually had a hard time rooting against him as a bad guy in Spiderman 3.

2. What is your idea of a romantic date?

Beats me, I’ve never been on one. I guess it would be romantic if the guy had thought to write me something special or took the time to really listen to me.

3. Do you prefer chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day?

I’m actually not a fan of (dead) flowers. I’d prefer them to stay on the bush, or whatever they came from. I don’t like the smell/look that water always gets after a week or so. Chocolates, on the other hand, smell great (and taste pretty good too).

4. What is your favorite romantic movie? romantic book?

Movie: Mansfield Park. My heart breaks every time Fanny reads the letter from Edmund, who she loves, and he writes, “She’s the only person that I could think of as a wife” about someone else. Oh, and I love the comeback she has to Henry’s profession of love, “No man dies of love but on the stage.”
But the high point is at the end when Fanny and Edmund are simply enjoying each other’s company and he finally professes his true love for her: “Fanny, I’ve loved you my whole life….I’ve loved you as a man loves a woman. As a hero loves a heroine. As I have never loved anyone.”
Sorry I got carried away, I think maybe I should watch it again soon.
Book: Pride and Prejudice (though the movie is great too). I’m a Jane Austen fan, if you haven’t noticed.

5. Do you like those ‘conversation hearts’ or do you think they taste gross?

Oh, they’re totally gross. I have great respect for the author to include this question, since they clearly understand that they are simply for reading, not eating. The reading is not as enjoyable anymore, either, as the start going downhill: “TXT ME,” “UR HOT,” “BILLY GOAT.” You get the picture.
6. Who is your Valentine this year?
If your Valentine is the person you’re spending Valentine’s Day with, then it would be three of my favorite kids (though I have a lot of favorites). I spent last Valentine’s Day with them too, so you might say we’re going steady.
If your Valentine is the person that you send a Valentine to, than I have more than can be mentioned here. I love to share the love, so to speak.

Extra word association:
I say…you think…

1. Valentine - Heart
2. Cute - Boy (no, I couldn’t me more middle school)
3. Romantic - Cupid (umm, I don’t know why…)
4. Red - Bull (ha, I don’t think that’s what they’re going for)
5. Flowers - Daisies
6. Candy - Chocolate (the only good candy)
7. Cupid - Bow and arrow

meme courtesy of: randomness…feed your mind and your blog

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Meme

  1. Before I got married, I never had a date on Valentines. For some reason my relationships didn’t last that long, and never coincided with a holiday. I always felt cheated!

    But…a romantic date for us now is any dinner without Emma. :-)

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