Dear Diary, Part 1

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[For this month, I decided that I would give you one journal entry from sometime in the past (since I don't have journal entries from the future) each week. I did not actually write "dear diary" at the time, it's just the way I'm presenting them here. Enjoy!]

December 16, 2000
Dear Diary,
Yesterday was my 18th birthday. Mariah was sick on both Thursday and Friday. Anne was also sick yesterday. We had to go early to practice on stage for band. It really didn’t feel much like a birthday. We took a test in calc. I hope that I did well, but I t hink I did. I talked to Adam and Bryan after the test. After school I went over to the Marshall’s (Amanda and Kadee whom I tutor for). They had forgotten to get me a present so they put a candle in an ice cream sundae cone and lit it. They sung happy birthday, also.
After that, I went home. [Such a plot twist!] Mom was still there because dad had not come home yet. The pilot light was out and it was only 55F in the house. Once my dad came home, I let to pick up Erica. We went to the mall where I got Anne and Erica’s presents. We then went to Timberline [the best restaurant in Wichita!] and to the Warren to see “What Women Want.” It’s a good movie. I was very tired by the time I got home (12:45).
Today Grandma and Papa are to come over. We’re going out to eat for my birthday tonight…. [Next, I'm so shallow that I list everything I had received for my birthday!] I should find out what else I’m getting today.
I had a dream the other night. In it, I was watching a varsity boys basketball game when T (in his dress clothes) came up to me and put his arm around me. We were dating. I think I have a secret crush on him.

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Part 1

  1. Wow. That’s awesome. I used to determine my secret crushes based on my dreams as well. That’s actually evolved into my way of making life-changing decisions. And because I realize my comments could be construed as being sarcastic and therefore somewhat mean, I just want to go on record and say that I’m serious. Really. I’m serious.

  2. I absolutely love going back through my old journals from high school and college. I learn a lot from myself back then like how it really didn’t matter if the cute boy smiled at me : )

  3. Okay, I was just reading some of my old diary entries the other day and was cracking up. Between the poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar, I could barely get through it…

    Your post was fun!

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