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Tomorrow I’ll talk about posts I avoid, but today I thought I’d talk about the type of blog posts that I DO enjoy.

1. Well-written posts. I love it when the blogger is a good writer. I’m sure we’re all hit or miss on this one, but I love a well-turned phrase and memorable imagery. It’s also something I’m seeking to grow in which is one reason to read and write. (and that sentence alone proves that I have a lot of room to grow!)

2. Humorous posts. Nothing cruel or raunchy, but I enjoy a good laugh. I love reading a well-written embarrassing story or simply writing humorous commentary on life.

3. Real posts. Ones where the author is not seeking comments, but simply trying to share with us an almost inexpressibly wonderful or devastating moment.

4. Well-thought out religious or political posts. These are hard to come by, as we all tend to get caught up in our own emotional feelings when talking about such subjects. But when it’s done right? It hits the spot. And I don’t even care if I agree with them or not.

5. Lists of some kind or another. Makes a post easier to read, most of the time.

6. Letters. These can be entertaining or thoughtful, sometimes either.

What about you? What types of posts are your favorites? And of course I wouldn’t think of using this information to entice my readers to keep reading…

35 thoughts on “Posts I Enjoy

  1. I love a well-written, cleverly worded post that is humorous and thoughtful at once. On my blogroll, I would have to say Minnesota Matron and Stretch Marks are two that hit the nail on the head for me very often – as do you!

  2. I am also a fan of the well-written posts. Posts with proper grammar and spelling! I am totally OCD when it comes to spelling! Oh my word. One of my largest, but necessary, faults!!

    Alas, no one is perfect, so I don’t hold it against them if they can’t spell, or pronounce, ‘nuclear’. ;)
    Well, maybe with the exception of our President…

    *snicker snicker snort*

  3. A well turned phrase is my favorite – but I have to admit that I am a little nasty when it comes to horrid grammar and spelling – but a lot of humor can make up for it.

    I usually go straight for the humor – it’s my drug of choice – but I came across a great post this morning while browsing that tugged at my heart strings and had me bawling like a baby… it was exactly what I needed for ME… very real, very open, very honest…

  4. Posts where folks aren’t looking for comments? Is that possible? :) I find blogging without anyone responding is like talking to my dogs. It is fun at first but then the one sided conversation gets a little boring.

    I love posts that entertain, inspire, are creative in a crafty way and help me connect with the writer.

  5. I love inspirational posts…whether that means a post chock full of pretty pics of fantastically decorated rooms that inspires me to get cleaning my own, or one with adorable crafts that are so simple and affordable that I wanna dig out my glue gun right away, or one where the person’s way of looking at problems or joys in there life gives me pause and allows me to view my own differently.

    Just told my DD that you were in pit, and played clarinet and she said “Oh, cooool!”. We just got her a Contrabass Clarinet and she plays that for concert band. It is beastly. Thanks for stopping by. That quote is bringing me a lot of peace right now because I was totally regretting something nice I’d done. :)

  6. I basically read the posts of everyone who becomes my “friend” in blogland. But the ones I enjoy the most are funny, entertaining and well written.

    I keep politics off my blog, because I don’t want to alienate anyone who doesn’t agree and I usually avoid reading them on other people’s blogs too. (I know who I’m voting for… don’t need to be convinced further and can’t be argued out of it) Obviously I’m not a huge fan of conflict. ;)

  7. I think I like your list. I am not a great writer and can’t spell worth a lick. Which is funny because I tend to notice when stuff is spelled wrong or gramatically incorrect except when I am writing.

    But basically try to meet most of the criteria you listed. I want above all to generate thoughts and ideas.

    Great job, Have a great day.

  8. i just have to laugh at this – we are so much alike it’s too funny. The only thing I really hate is a blog post that is SOOOO LONG and FEELS LONG. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I am a long-winded person. I don’t mind reading a long post, as long as it is an “quick read”. Y’know, keeps my interest, moves along…makes it worth it in the end.

  9. I don’t like long posts either and it’s sort of funny coming from me because I tend to do long posts more often than not. But I at least need paragraph breaks or a picture in between or something.

    I copied a “dear ____” letter idea from someone else in the bloggy world. I write dear letters to wal-mart, my kids, a dude at the gym, etc. It’s a way to get my feelings out there and show the world some of the goofy things I come across.

    I also like deep, thoughtful, and spiritual posts. Not ALL the time but sometimes. I like to see a person’s REAL life. Not just the “wow we went on vacation” and “my life is so perfect” posts. If I’m going to stalk your life I’d at least like you to throw in the real human side. Even normal daily stuff can be interesting and funny with pictures.

    I also hate it when people leave a novel in the comments section. Woops! I just did. hehe (j/k I LOVE long comments!)

  10. Well said. I pretty much agree with you on all of the above. Oh, and just about anything about food, :). I like seeing new dishes and putting my effort into trying them. Yum, making myself hungry. I guess I”m off to go find another culinary adventure!

  11. I like stepping into someone else’s world and seeing life through their eyes and experiences. I really like honest posts like you said that are not worried about getting comments but just sharing a piece of themselves. I also like humor and some knowledge!

  12. I pretty much agree with your whole list except number four. I hear so much of that when my husband is home watching it on TV and talking about it all the time, I just like to get away… into another world – blogland – and read about the things that happen to other folks and how they handle them! I am also interested in everyones hobbies. What to you do for your artist child within you?

  13. I am so with you on all of these.. I am an avid blog reader and I know that I have hit gold when it makes me actually do something physical…smile, laugh, gasp, cry, wince… whatever.. I am also trying to work on these in my own writing… I wish I could just record what I want to say and everyone could listen to it, because somethings get lost in translation…. oh, great post!

  14. First of all I like blogs that are actually updated on a fairly regular basis…I fully understand that not everyone can update every day…but once a week isn’t too much to ask, is it?

    Secondly, I like blogs that are funny, honest and have good spelling!

  15. Good question. I like all sorts of blogs from ‘dog lovers’ (even though I have no pets other than a fun hubby) to single moms to average joe (jane) blogs. I’d have to say your list is a fabulous one. I’ll say ditto to it! ;-)


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