Performed Before a Live Audience

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I’m not sure what to write. I had scheduled the other posts this week (you know it’s sad when you can’t even take time to blog), but I wanted to give you a “live” update on what’s going on.

Thanks for all your well wishes about graduating. I keep telling myself, “X days of madness and this will be over forever.” Not that I actually say “X.” That’d be crazy. And I’m not crazy. How’d I end up here in this room without any windows? And why is everything padded?

So today there’s 5 more days of madness. I won’t go through it all as I’ve already shared that, but basically I have 2 papers, 2 Sunday school lessons, a final, a presentation, and a few odds and end left to the semester. Pretty much everything has to be done today or tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes (And yes, if I wasn’t taking the time to write this blog entry, I might be writing something of actual importance. I’ll pretend that this is a warm-up exercise.)

I have an editor looking over my shoulder right now, and she suggested that I should have put “and a partridge in a pear tree” at the end of that list. I’d rather not add anything to my already long list. It’s weird to have an actual audience to my writing. A moment ago she laughed out loud, and that was weird. I never imagine you all actually laughing at what I write, though that’s often my intent.

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