TV is Rotting My Brain

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Okay, so the title is overly dramatic, not to mention cliché.

But I can’t help but think that the amount of TV I’ve watched in the last couple of months isn’t healthy.  I don’t feel I watch excessively (maybe an average of 10-12 hours a week…you all know how much I read, but that still sounds like a lot), but I still feel too tied to that little gray box, or really, the little gray computer screen.

I hate being tied to a TV show.  Yet shows like 24, Glee, and So You Think You Can Dance “make” me come back week after week.  And then there are all the crime shows that suck me in.

During finale season, I repeatedly cringed as conversation after conversation, online and off, dealt with this show or that show.  And then just the other day we had some friends over, and the group of us sat around discussing TV for about an hour.  We could have intelligently discussed any number of topics, but we went for the lowest common denominator (and I definitely was a part of the problem on this one).

I guess that’s what I don’t like about TV…it IS the lowest common denominator, rarely challenging.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, sure.  There’s nothing wrong with mindlessly relaxing occassionally, but a book can have the same affect while improving your vocabulary and reading abilities without you even realizing it.

Like most things, TV’s best in moderation with a healthy dose of discernment and critical thinking.  Moderation has never been something that I’ve been good at.  If I start watching TV any given evening, I’m not likely to stop before going to bed (late).  So I’ve been trying not to start.  Aside from the previously-mentioned SYTYCD (hey, at least dancing is “the arts”), I don’t want to watch any TV during the week.

By cutting out a lot of my TV watching, I’ll be able to keep up my reading habit and be social (obv not at the same time).  And if I know what’s good for me, I’ll throw in some exercise, too.

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17 thoughts on “TV is Rotting My Brain

  1. Yep – Dancing is a form of the ARTS… so that’s a good one to watch if you’re going to watch TV…
    As for me… I’m a total TV addict! :) But I still love my books too – so I like to think I have a well-rounded mine! :) haha!
    .-= Rebecca Jo´s last blog ..Happy First Birthday Emily =-.

  2. The good thing about summer is that there aren’t as many addicting tv shows on, just a couple. But I completely agree with what you are saying. During regular tv season, I am attached to the tv (or dvring) every single night, for at least an hour. This is not good! I haven’t read a book since before my daughter was born almost 8 months ago, and I LOVE reading! Thanks for the reminder… I’ll be turning off the tv and picking up a book tonight!
    .-= D´s last blog ..It’s That Season and I Don’t Mean Summer! =-.

  3. Oh, I definitely watch too much tv. I’m hoping it will get better now that summer is here and most of my regular shows are gone until Fall. I’d like to do other things but the need to know what happens next is too strong!
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..They better not be lying… =-.

  4. TV…I must admit that I do enjoy watching and do a great deal of it, including the napping during it. Although, I do a great deal of reading also…oh for the life of being retired!!!

  5. I get sucked in really easily too…especially with Glee! I love that show it’s so much fun! I could do with reading and exercising more too! Thanks for stopping by my blog on SITS Pot Luck Friday!
    .-= Emma´s last blog ..A Sunday Picture Post =-.

  6. Oh, 10-12 hours is NOTHING compared to what I watch. *blushes in shame* I hate to admit that because even though I am homebound and bedridden, I know there are lots better things I could be doing with my time, like reading. However, I tend to get sucked in by SO many shows and movies. They just seem to pass the time quicker. I am going to give your decision to cut out TV during the week some serious thought and try to challenge myself to do something similar.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment today. I really, really appreciate it. I hope you will do it again soon. :0)

    Have a fantastic week!


    Teresa <
    .-= Teresa @ Too Many Heartbeats´s last blog ..SUNDAY CITAR =-.

  7. Good for you. I used to watch hours and hours and hours of it, but my last few years of college I didn’t bring my tv with me and I was forced to do other things since I didn’t have one to watch. Thanks to the 2 year break from it, now I hardly watch and only turn it on as background noise.

    Except for Glee. I can’t get enough of that show!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Goodbye, Face of the Past =-.

  8. I think part of the answer is in remembering that there will always be great programs on television and trying to keep up with ‘all’ the great TV that’s produced is simply impossible.

    There are so many shows that I see promoted which I know I’d love but I don’t even start watching them because I know I’ll get hooked.
    .-= Rodney Olsen´s last blog ..Wet Wet Wet =-.

  9. Marilyn: Yeah, my problem is with excess. The move has been helpful though, as my roommate and I are currently sharing my laptop (where I’m used to watching most of my TV). I haven’t been missing it either.

    Carrie: Yeah, definitely. I think when the fall comes around, I need to cut out a few of the shows that I’m used to following. Really decided which handful I want to watch most.

    G. Zoe: Yeah, I’d settle for that!

    Emma: Yeah, I’m definitely a Gleek. That won’t be a show I’ll be cutting out!

    Teresa: It still sounds a lot, and it was convicting to realize that that was a modest estimate of what I was watching. I’m thinking 5-6 hours is better for me.

    LaNeshe: Yeah, I really enjoy it. I can’t dance, but I enjoy watching others do it!

    Heather: Yeah, my turning it off, I’ve been made to find other things to do (read, socialize). It’s good.

    Rodney: Very true. I’m hoping to cut out a handful of the shows I have watched when they start new again in our fall. I don’t think there will be any I’ll *have* to add.

  10. I gave up trying to watch my tv shows when they are actually on– I’m going to spend the summer slowly catching up on them all, though. I think I’m a good 1-2 months behind on most of them. LOL! I spend a lot of time reading as well- tv at night when I can’t be outside reading is a good compromise! ;)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog with some great advice :)

    I was just talking about this at lunch yesterday with a friend of mine. I was saying I wish I had watched less TV growing up, because now it’s something I feel tied to. I even have it playing while I sleep at night. (keeps the monsters away, I guess)

    Lately I’ve been out of the house more, and I feel soooo much better!!
    .-= Laura in Cancun´s last blog ..Renting a House in Cancun: Show it to Me! =-.

  12. So would it be bad if I said, I love SYTYCD!!! I know I watch way to much TV. I’m trying to remedy that. I checked out a book at the library yesterday.

    I saw someone doing the bike and reading at the gym this morning.

    You could kill two birds with one stone!
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..My heart =-.

  13. Laura: I didn’t watch much growing up, so that’s a bonus. Didn’t keep me from getting attached when I grew up.

    Cammy: It is the easy out, and I think that’s why it’s so addictive.

    Veronica: I do too! Nothing wrong with that.
    .-= Ronnica´s last blog ..7 and All Dolled Up =-.

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