FQF: The Federal Government, Fires, and…Eminem?

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1.  Would you ever consider working for the government?

Sure.  I mean, I do want to be a teacher in a public school.  But I also wouldn’t mind working in a bureaucratic position, though I’m sure some things would drive me batty.

2.  You are on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire in the back of the plane. You get enough time to make ONE phone call. Who would you call?

At least I got to see Hawaii before I die, right?  Without question, I’d call my parents.  And not only because their number is one of the few that I actually have memorized, but also because they’re the obvious choice.  So please pick up, okay?

3.  If you had to wear one color every day for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

Blue, because I look good in it and enjoy all the shades.  If I had to pick a particular shade, I’d say periwinkle because it’s what I look best in and it’s my favorite.

4.  What is your dream for America’s future?

I dream that we’ll recognize that we’ve allowed our federal government to grow unconstitutionally large, and have it start pulling out of things such as education.  I dream that we’ll elect representives that recognize that like our own personal budgets, we have to cut spending in order to pay down debt.  But I’m afraid this is all a dream.

5.  What’s your favorite song of the moment?

I know this will be strange unless you’re familiar with my music tastes, but I’d have to say Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie.”  I can’t relate to it (I promise I’m not nor have ever been in a violent co-dependent relationship), but for some reason it resonates.  Looking back at my favorite songs from the past, it’s clear I like the darker, from-the-soul type of songs.  Plus I’ve always been a fan of Eminem (or at least the cleaned-up versions of his songs).  Hope I don’t lose any favor in your eyes!

23 thoughts on “FQF: The Federal Government, Fires, and…Eminem?

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. I read it to a friend of mine and we are both mystified about mixing cream with vinegar-doesn’t the vinegar sour the cream? Or is that the purpose so you get cucumbers in sour cream? I also prepare them with sour cream and fresh dill.

  2. Imperfect Momma: I have my mom’s cell memorized as it’s the same one she’s had since I was in elementary school. And their new home number was really easy. I probably could tell you my grandparents’ numbers as well, but that’s probably it for numbers that actually matter. (Okay, I also have my favorite restaurant’s call-ahead line memorized. But it’s in my home town, 1500 miles from me!)

  3. I’m laughing at your love of eminem. I love his songs too (the cleaned up versions, as well). People don’t expect it from me either. My ringtone is one of his songs and the mother of one of my piano students nearly fell out of her chair from laughing when somebody called me in her presence.

  4. Hmmm, you should come visit. We could show you his house (castle).

    I went to the library and talked to them about the ILL thing. I had to go to a different website that they do not have linked to theirs yet. I have now requested the book and will have it whenever it gets here. I tried to choose a close location, but I haven’t lived here long enough to know the closest one! Thanks.

  5. You shouldn’t lose favor in anyone’s eyes over whether you like a song or not. I like Eminem. He’s a poet, an artist.

    I’m in Raleigh too. Nice to meet you. I like your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  6. I like that song too. I just heard it. That and his ‘Not Afraid’ song are my favorites that he’s done. I too have an eclectic style of music on the ipod.

  7. Hello! I’m finally getting around to visiting you back after reading your lovely comments on my blog. (Sorry, it’s been a crazy week.) We do have a lot in common! And add to the list: my absolute favortie color is periwinkle! :) It’s funny though because I’ve been seriously considering writing a post about that Eminem song and the horrible message it sends to youth. But that’s mostly because I work with teenage girls who have relationships like that and seem to feel affirmed in doing so when they listen to it. (I admit though, I like the style of the song, and can usually be caught singing along.) Hope to be seeing much more of you!

  8. Ack! One color for the rest of my life? I am tempted to say red (Roll Tide) but red pants? No. So I guess I would wear black. I would look terribly goth I guess but black is just so basic.

    I hope that your weekend has been great!

  9. Okay, you all are making me feel better…I’m not alone!

    Kayren: Yay! I hope you think it’s worth the (slight) trouble!

    Amy: It is poetry, in a more tolerable form. But it’s so real…that’s why I like it.

    Colleen: Definitely a song about a *bad* example of a relationship. That’s why I can’t really relate to it AT ALL. Still, it resonates somehow!

    Jen: I dare you to wear red pants everyday!

  10. Yes blue! Your pic has a blue shirt and your bloggy background is blue. Never put two and two together until reading your answer! lol

    And yes I enjoy Eminem too! I like that he differentiates himself from other rappers- not calling his women degrading names for the sake of it, not singing about getting them drunk and easy, etc. While many may not agree, his lyrics are for real. DISCLAIMER: Though I don’t always agree.

  11. Janet: I never thought about Eminem that way, but that *is* why I like him. It’s because he’s rapping real-life stuff not trashy things. Thanks for putting what I was thinking into words!

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