“Life’s Not Fair”

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All my life, I’ve been blessed.   These undeserved blessings have come in many forms, but one way I have been blessed has been in material goods.

I’ve never had to worry about where my next meal would come from.  I’ve never wondered how I’d pay the rent or figure out when I could pay the power company enough to convince them to turn the lights back on.  There’s always been a sound roof over my head and a warm blanket in my lap.  I’ve never ran out of shampoo or toothpaste or had less than a (couple) dozen outfits in my closet for each season.

Of course, I’m not the only American who has been equally blessed.  Many of the people I know or have known have been similarly blessed.  And one thing I’ve heard them say (and I’m sure I’ve said) is, “Life’s not fair.”

It’s a reasonable statement.  Certainly true.  But is it easier to say it when you’re the one being blessed unfairly instead of suffering?  Yes, I think so.

When we see someone suffering, it’s tempting to say, “That’s too bad” and move on.  It’s the easy thing.  It’s what we do all the time without thinking.  If we don’t get involved, it’s unlikely that anyone will confront us about it.  After all, it’s not “our” problem, right?

I don’t want to do that anymore.

Photo by Alex E. Proimos

7 thoughts on ““Life’s Not Fair”

  1. We do take our blessings for granted…
    With the economy & more & more people struggle & in need – even some as far as loosing everything – maybe we’ll ALL be more aware of “our” problem

  2. Hardships, hurt, pain, suffering. All those things bring about compassion and a heart for helping others.

    When people always have “undeserved blessings” it’s easier to feel entitled to them and when things go wrong we think “It’s not fair” instead of embracing what is building up the character God wants us to have.

    I’m not exactly sure this all makes sense, my brain isn’t working all the way today.

    I meant well, lol.

  3. Yep, everyone is preoccupied with their own situation in life, and when something bad happens to us, we think it’s just us that’s being treated unfairly. I always make it a point to be grateful for everything I have… the secret to life is wanting everything you everything have =)

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