These Are Troubling Times

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My pastor has been on a roll lately…each week he’s said something that has really stuck with me. I’m so thankful to sit under a pastoral staff who strive for truth and desire to our church glorify God in everything we do.

One thing Pastor said yesterday is that if you don’t know Christ, these are troubling times.

Of course they are: the American economy has shown no sign of improving (about 1/3 of my tax clients received at least some unemployment compensation in the last year) and now gas prices are starting to rise sharply again, likely taking food prices with them.

When we look internationally, things look worse. Riots and instability span the Middle East and North Africa. North Korea is threatening once again to blow us to smithereens. New Zealand has just begun to recover from the Christchurch Earthquake. Thailand and Cambodia are no longer actively skirmishing, but they haven’ t shaken hands, either.

Likely, you have some personal problems that loom larger in your mind than any of the above.

To put it simply, we have a lot to be concerned about. If there is no higher power, we must fend for ourselves or stick or heads in the sand. Perhaps the outcome is the same regardless of the course we choose.

But…(if I was sharing this with the kids at church, this is where the snickers would come in)

There is a higher power. A God who not only wants good for us (Romans 8:28), but is so great and powerful that the very nations that are in tumult are but a speck of dust on a scale (Isaiah 40:15).

That is the thought I want to rest in this week.

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