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Does anyone else feel like this summer is going super fast? I guess it’ll slow down for me once I actually work a 5-day work week again (haven’t done so since the week before Memorial Day, and won’t again until the week after my move).

On to the next challenge to women:

“That you be women who have a deep grasp of the sovereign grace of God undergirding all these spiritual processes, that you be deep thinkers about the doctrines of grace, and even deeper lovers and believers of these things.”

I love that John Piper mentions that he wants women to be “deep thinkers” about these thing. I think churches like mine often get a bad wrap for our beliefs about women in the church. Just because we don’t think women should be pastoring or teaching men (because of what the Bible says, not because we think that women would be bad at it) doesn’t mean that we don’t think women don’t have an important place in the church.

In no way are we “off the hook” for learning the deeper truths of the Christian faith. Nor are we to keep those things to ourselves, but should be actively applying them to our own life and to be teaching them to others, formally and informally.

The concept of grace–especially the idea that we can do NOTHING for our salvation–isn’t an easy one for me. I like to work for things, and find purpose in doing things. But that’s not where I should find purpose or identity.

As I continue to work on my prayerfulness, I hope to continue to work on how I think about what God has done for me.

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