Half a Brain

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This week’s Challenge to Women is a good one. So good, that I don’t want to give it only the half of my brain I have left after a work day (ha, I accidentally typed “death” the first time) that started voluntarily at 6:15 and spent printing, collating, and assembling 65 160-page binders (that’s over 10,000 pages). I had help from our intern, but any day started that early is long. I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow, Friday, and possibly Monday.

Truthfully, it’s really neat to see these binders come together, binders that we only started writing last Thursday, and were only thought of a few days before that. I’m thankful that my job isn’t like this all the time, but it’s fun occasionally.

All that to say, check in next week for the next challenge. Thanks for understanding!

3 thoughts on “Half a Brain

  1. I have the hardest time to work in early hours but those days that I start early are definitely the most efficient days for me :-)

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