Wise and Gracious Prescriptions

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Thursday before Labor Day…our last challenge for the summer! Here goes…

“That you see Biblical guidelines for what is appropriate and inappropriate for men and women in relation to each other not as arbitrary constraints on freedom but as wise and gracious prescriptions for how to discover the true freedom of God’s ideal of complementarity. That you not measure your potential by the few roles withheld but by the countless roles offered. That you turn off the TV and Radio and think about…” (see the challenge for the huge list of what to think about!)

I need to work on turning off the TV. It’s easy to turn to, especially when I get tired and work gets busy. I don’t think it’s evil, but I don’t need to b e watching every night, let alone several hours every night.

As far as gender roles in the Bible go, the “few roles withheld” become the sole focus of discussion, it seems. But it’s true that there are many more things that I can and should do than what I shouldn’t or what it wouldn’t be wise for me to do. Don’t believe me? Look at the list. And consider who has had the most influence on you. I’d guess that by and large, those people haven’t been in the big public teaching and preaching roles.

A whole lot more can be said on the subject and I know I haven’t provide any justification here for mine or John Piper’s (though I wouldn’t try to defend someone else’s beliefs) views on women in the church. Some of that I’ve said here.

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