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It’s been a couple of months since I’ve updated my status on my 30 Before 30 goals. That’s probably because unemployment hasn’t been much of an impetus to get to work on these goals, though it could have been. Oh well, it’s a new year!

I now have completed finished 8 goals, which isn’t bad at all. At this point, there is only 1 that I think won’t happen as I’ve had to alter my financial goals somewhat. Other than that, I think everything is quite doable!

Here is my goal update as of December 31st:

1. Read the Bible twice through. 630/2378 chapters = 26.5%

3. Lose 50 pounds. /50 pounds = 6/50 = 12%

Yeah, the holidays and general busyness wasn’t good for this.

5. Publish The Journal. Completed 12/26/2011

6. __________. (find a new job) Completed 12/28/2011

9. Read 160 books. 39/160 = 24%

I’m a little behind on this goal, but I have no doubt I’ll get there. Just blame crocheting and general laziness for a poor reading month in December.

10. Read 5 classics. 3/5 = 60%

Yay for audiobooks, otherwise I wouldn’t be this far. Now that I’ll be employed I won’t be listening to audiobooks as much, but surely I can get in two more classics this year.

12. Work a polling place during an election. Completed 10/11/2011

15. Sell 100 copies of The Journal. 2/100 = 2%

I’m grateful for every copy that I sell! And I only had it for sale for 6 days as of this update.

16. Make an author website. Completed 12/20/2011

17. Fast 16 days. 1/16 = 6%

I wish I had taken advantage of my unemployment to fast and didn’t just get caught up in the busyness. Still want to work this into my life regularly.

19. Spend time on Yom Kippur fasting, praying, and thinking. Completed 10/7/2011

20. Decorate my apartment for Christmas. Completed 11/25/2011

I really enjoyed doing this one! Now I just have to undecorate…

21. Meet my niece. Completed 12/27/2011

By far the most satisfying “check” on this list.

22. Write in my journal 100 times. 46/100 = 46%

I’ll soon have this finished as I’ve committed to writing in my journal every day in 2011. So far, I have!

23. Make a baby blanket for Bean. Completed 11/9/2011

24. Have an empty to-read shelf.

It was really almost empty and then Christmas happened. Love that. Will finish what’s left before December!

3 thoughts on “30 Before 30 Update

  1. You’re doing really great with all of your goals! It’s important to revisit them throughout the year. Best wishes!! Love the idea of making a 30 before 30 list (though I’m too late for 30…).

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