8:13 Update

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Had a great 2ish hours. Read bits of Earthen Vessels, How to Listen to Great Music, and The Costly Call, Book 2. Also read another 60 pages of Atlas Shrugged. I’m halfway through my 2nd read of the book.

Since my last update, I listened to 37 minutes of an audiobook and read for 85 minutes, reading 133 pages. My totals are 133 pages, 141 minutes audio, and 3:40 total reading.

I plan on reading for another 2 1/2 hours. I would like to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (obviously mostly listened to before the Readathon) and read a good chunk of Solaris. Will update again before I tujrn in for the night!

3 thoughts on “8:13 Update

  1. Aneeqah: Putting “down” Harry Potter seems to be a problem, though!

    Andrea: Chalk up another benefit to singleness. No way I could do this with a family!

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