A Year Since My World Changed

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A year ago this week, I found out for sure I was losing my job and then had my last day. I found out on a Wednesday that we would be closing down, and then my last day was the following Monday. Very fast.

I had known for some months before that it was possible and was in fact starting to consider what I wanted to do next, regardless. But if you had asked me, I would not have chosen to be let go and go through almost 3 months of unemployment. My planning, in-control self would have much preferred to have gone from job to another on my own timing, not on timing forced upon me.

But God had bigger, better plans for me.

I learned a lot from those months of unemployment, and probably will never learn the full extent of how God used that time this side of heaven. While a job change is life-altering in itself, going through the uncertainty of that time shook me in ways that will only reveal itself in time.

As thankful as I am for that time of unemployment, I’m very glad to be on the other side of it. Since I can’t realistically expect I’ll never be forced into unemployed again, I hope that I’m better equipped for the next time. If nothing else, I can look back to last year and gain new hope in God and His care.

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