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I used to be one of those Christians who would get upset about the removing of the word “Christmas” from the holiday season. I don’t exactly remember when my thoughts on “the War on Christmas” changed, but it has over the last couple of years.

I will fight to keep Christ in my Christmas celebrations and traditions. I have intentionally made decisions on what decorations, activities, and music I will include in my celebrations.

But I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas. I try to be sensitive of this and not throw my Christmas celebrations in your face (though I don’t hide them). I’ll even wish you “Happy Holidays.” Why?

Because I don’t want to put one more obstacle in the way of you celebrating Christ.

I don’t care what holiday you celebrate this time of year. But I do care who/what you are worshiping at that holiday. Sadly, most of the celebration around Christmas is un-Christlike. Why would I want you to go into debt giving landfill fodder and stuffing your guts like a glutton (all while convincing your kids there is an omniscient being who is not¬†Yahweh)? I don’t want you to do any of that, whether it’s for a holiday with “Christ” in the name or not.

In fact, if you’re going to do those things, please don’t do them in the name of Christ. Isn’t that the very definition of blasphemy?

I’m afraid with the whole “War on Christmas” has made Christians look downright ridiculous. Why should we care what someone calls their tree-lighting ceremony when there are those who are without the Light (or a home to light)? I don’t want to focus on a minor issue when people’s lives weigh in the balance.

I know I’m not the first one to express these thoughts. I apologize that I’m not able to credit those whose ideas I have gnawed on and spat out as my own.

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3 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Wish Me a Happy Holiday

  1. I agree that about the meaning of Christmas and truly it is to celebrate Christ’s birth. I’m not all about the trees, santa (AT ALL), snowmen, love stories, etc… But I find it important to say Merry Christmas in order to redeem the meaning but also to not change what the day is for (Christ’s birth) in order to be sensitive to other people’s false beliefs. [Even though Christ was probably born closer to September] I want to at least spread Christ’s name which is in the word Christmas. As an evangelizer, I find I cannot be sensitive ever, Christ wasn’t, he spoke the truth, even when others wouldn’t like what truth is! My thoughts, great post!

  2. Barbara-Anne: If someone stops listening to me because I’m brash about something minor (a holiday) they’ll never get to the point that they’re open to listening to real issues, like the gospel.

    Brittany: It really saddens me how much time and energy some will put into this. You’re totally right.

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