Six Weeks to Go

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Six weeks from tomorrow I turn 30. (I accidentally typed ’15′ the first time, probably because my birthday is the 15th. Hopefully not because I actually still think I’m a teenager.)

So how am I doing on my 30 before 30 list? Green ones are done, yellow are in progress and red aren’t going to be happening. I’m hoping to finish 23/30. Not as many as I’d like, but hey, some of these things wouldn’t have happened at all without this list!

I’m ready for my birthday because I’m ready to start a new list. Details to come on what I’m doing next!

1. Read the Bible twice through. completed September 10, 2012

2. Memorize Colossians.

3. Lose 50 pounds. 11/50

Not going to happen, but I’m making progress.

4. Save $2,000. Completed 3/15/2012

5. Publish The Journal. Completed 12/26/2011

6. __________. (find a new job) Completed 12/28/2011

7. Pay down my student loans to $XX,000.

I’m not actually as far away as I originally thought. Though I’m not going to reach that, I am actually better off financially than I had planned to be.

8. Write What about Emotions (working title).

9. Read 160 booksCompleted 10/27/2012

10. Read 5 classics. Completed 2/20/2012

11. Swim a mile (again). Completed 8/31/2012

12. Work a polling place during an election. Completed 10/11/2011

13. Celebrate our 30th birthdays with Dana.

14. Cut caffeine down to only one Diet Dr Pepper a week.

Oh yeah, this one. We’ll see. Probably not, though.

15. Sell 100 copies of The Journal. Completed Summer 2012

16. Make an author website. Completed 12/20/2011

17. Fast 16 days2/16

18. Pray through Operation World. 122/246 = 50%

Working on it.

19. Spend time on Yom Kippur fasting, praying, and thinking. Completed 10/7/2011

20. Decorate my apartment for Christmas. Completed 11/25/2011

21. Meet my niece. Completed 12/27/2011

22. Write in my journal 100 times. Completed 2/23/2012

23. Make a baby blanket for Bean. Completed 11/9/2011

24. Have an empty to-read shelf.

I think I have 5-6 books to read. On target to finish the day before my birthday. Wouldn’t want it to sit empty for too long!

25. Write 70 encouraging letters or emails. 47/70 = 67%

Working on it.

26. Bake bread.

I need to schedule this for some upcoming Monday.

27. Make my own laundry detergent. Completed 8/5/2012

28. Finish recording the Chronicles of Narnia for my niece.

I need to finish the book(s) I’m giving her for Christmas/birthday though.

29. Walk 4 miles on the treadmill.

This needs to go on my list to just do one day.

30. Read the Qur’an and the Book of Mormon. Completed 4/20/2012

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