Entering a New Decade

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Today’s the big day: I’m turning 30. I’m not the type to dread this milestone birthday (age really is just a number), but this birthday has been on my mind for months. Primarily because of it was the end of my “30 Before 30″ list and when I could start a new goal list (yes, I’m a nerd. Surely you knew that already.).

Beyond the excitement of starting a list, my primary thoughts have been about my singleness. I try not to define myself by my singleness, but of course it’s a huge part of me. Some years ago I was told, “Yeah, you’re single, but you’re not really single until you’re in your 30s and single.” This comment has stuck with me, so now I wonder if being 30 is going to make my feelings of marital-status-induced loneliness more acute.

I go through phases where I struggle with contentment, and I’ve been there the last couple of months. Not that this is my normal train of thought. It’s more that desire to be sharing my life with one special person sneaks in during the small moments.

I truly do love my life now and am constantly reminded of ways that it would change if I were to marry, which gives me pause. Given the right guy, I’d gladly say yes, but I definitely see no room for settling.

So, I’m facing my 30th birthday optimistically. Why shouldn’t I? My life has been overwhelmingly blessed thus far and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my next decade.

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8 thoughts on “Entering a New Decade

  1. Happy birthday, Ronnica! Said a prayer for a great day and a great year for you.

    I was single when I turned 30 too. I started dating my husband just before I turned 32 and got married when I was 33. That was two happy years ago. :) I struggled with contentment along the way too, but now I can look back and see so many details of God’s perfect plan and timing. It’s truly amazing how He works things out in His perfect timing, not ours. My best advice to you is to seek and serve the Lord during every season of life as God uses those moments to prepare you for the next season, whatever it may be. Blessings to you!

  2. Happy birthday!

    “Yeah, you’re single, but you’re not really single until you’re in your 30s and single.” What a yucky line. I wouldn’t go by that at all, don’t let it get you down. Staying optimistic, best plan :)

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