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If you turn the radio to a Top 40 station (or more likely turn on Pandora), it won’t take you too long before you hear a pretty messed up view of this world. From Ke$ha’s partying-is-life to any of a number of songs extolling the self-gratifying nature of “love,” wrong thinking is all over the airwaves.

But it was when I heard Bruno Mars’s “Locked Out of Heaven” that I was the most saddened.

In case you haven’t heard it, the chorus is as follows:

“Cause your sex takes me to paradise
Yeah your sex takes me to paradise
And it shows, yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause you make feel like, I’ve been locked out of heaven
For too long, for too long
Yeah you make feel like, I’ve been locked out of heaven
For too long, for too long”

The lyrics equate sex to heaven, and I’m pretty sure that’s not meant to be a metaphor. What I find so incredibly sad about this is that there are so many in my generation who think just that: sex is the highest of all goods and the end of life.

Sex is good, but it really is just an earthly pleasure. God has given us so much more already and has promised even greater joy in the next life. Why should we settle for such a small pleasure as sex?

I grieve for so many who think that the pursuit of pleasure is what life is all about.

One thought on “So Much More

  1. I completely agree with your assessment of top 40 music and of our society’s tendency to chase Earthly pleasures. But, I really don’t think the Bruno Mars song is that deep. I think it is just a song about how he feels like sex with that girl is amazing, not that he really believes it is a substitute for heaven. Still, not a good message for the song, but I just wanted to say that I don’t think he believes sex is it for life. However, teenagers are not always “smart” enough to see beyond the literal lyrics, and they may interpret this differently, which is why your concern is all the more valid. They need to know that there is so much more to life than sex and pleasure.

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