Top 5 Moments of My Trip to Kansas

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5. Walking in the blustery cold with my brother. In a stroke of genius, I decided the easiest way to fight laziness while at my parents’ house was to work on goal #29, to walk 10,000 steps/day for a week. I started on Saturday before my trip, conveniently requiring 10,000 steps out of each day. When Tuesday reached a high of 22 degrees (with 26 MPH wind, making the windchill in the low single digits), my brother braved the cold with me, which was an awesome distraction. We were both glad to have a mug of my mom’s wassail when we got back.

4. Receiving a “pet” as a present. My sister-in-law is a big pet lover and I’m definitely not. She has tried to convince me to get a pretty, but I’ve just not been interested. A cat? I’m allergic. A dog? Too smelly. Any of a number of small rodents? Both smelly and too much work. Finally, we had settled on the idea that a Venus fly trap was as close as I would come. That said, I laughed out loud when I discovered that they got me Venus fly trap seeds and small pots to plant them in. I’ll have to post pictures once I get them to grow.

3. My plane got struck by lightning. Fifteen minutes after we had taken off from Atlanta, I awoke from my catnap to a flash of yellow light and a bang. If the plane hadn’t seemed entirely unphased, I would have thought the engine blew. Our flight attendant let us know that it was lightning, and that in 7 years of flying, it was only the second time he had experienced it.

2. Almost giving blood. I haven’t given blood in 11 years, in part because of my foreign travel, but mostly because I almost passed out the 3 times I did give (not during, but after). When my brother and sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to try again, I said sure. I was all ready to do it until after two prick’s they determined my iron was too low. That was a first for me. Will have to try again another time.

1. My niece crying for *me* to pick her up. Most of our two days together, if I dared to pick up Bean, she would cry for mom. But at one point I was in the right place at the right time. The dogs were barking and she wanted to check out why, but from the comfort of someone’s arms… And I was the most convenient someone. It was good to hold her for a few minutes while she wasn’t fighting to get away.

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