January 101 in 1001 Update

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I’ve now completed the first full month of my 101 in 1001 list. I’m still excited to work on it, and am ahead of schedule, having completed 8 goals, and at 13.23% total. Specifically, here’s what I’ve been working on:

7. Watch 10 movies I’ve wanted to see. 1/10

I saw Tomorrow, When the War Began on Netflix this month. I enjoyed it and felt it was pretty true to the book that I enjoyed so much as a teen.

8. Complete a 1000-piece puzzle. - Completed 1/8/2013

I had about 1/3 of this completed before I started this list, but it still counts!

12. Stay in my pajamas for at least 24 hours. – Completed 1/1/2013

This was an easy and fun thing to do.

13. Wear earrings at least 20 days in a month. – Completed 1/14/2013

This had the desired affect of making me feel not quite fully dressed without jewelry now.

14. Reread (or listen to the audio of) 20 books. 3/20

Listened to Rebecca and The Kiterunner.

16. Say “yes” to 10 things I would have said “no” to. 2/10

I forgot to mention it, but last month I went with my brother and sister-in-law to give blood. my iron was uncharacteristically low so I was not able to give, but I went and would have if I hadn’t been turned down, so I count this!

This month I went to my work’s holiday party that I wasn’t looking forward to. It turns out that I had a good time, so I’m glad that I went!

20. Ask 5 friends to suggest a book, and read them. 2/5

I now have all my suggestions and have finished 2 (reviews coming).

27. Hike 101 miles. 7.1/101

I’m trying to hike at least once a month. I chose a warm, slightly-wet Monday to hike and ended up wearing a poncho for about a mile.

28. Swim 303 miles. 10.96/303

SO glad to be back in the pool. I know that’s a random number, but I’m actually counting laps, not miles. I’ve gotten a bit of a slow start, but I hope to catch up to wear I should be in February.

36. Get to my goal weight. 5%

I’ve lost 5% of what I need to in order to get to my goal. This is one of the hugest goals on my list (pun intended) and will take a lot of self-control.

39. Floss everyday for a month. - Completed 1/16/2013

41. Eat no fast food for a month. – Started 1/15/2013

This has been SO good for me, particularly since it’s been a stressful few weeks at work. If I hadn’t been working on this goal, I would likely have stopped for junk many an evening. I realize that I don’t really need fast food like I think I do. I’ve only had one day that I didn’t have time to go home for dinner, and on that day I got by with a peanut butter and honey sandwich on the way to my meeting.

45. Journal 500 times. 46/500

I’m journaling almost daily and am so glad that I’ve built this habit back into my life.

46. Write an “if anything happens to me” letter. - Completed 1/1/2013

Of course I cried when writing this. Glad to have it in case.

47. Blog 303 times. 25/303

Some of these are future posts, that you will see someday.

48. Read the Bible through in 5 different versions. 339/5945 chapters

49. Memorize 101 verses. 4/101

52. Make a list of 101 things I’m thankful for. 37/101

53. Give up non-sports TV for a month. – Completed 1/30/2013

This has been really good for me as well. I’ve totally reworked my evening routine around swimming, preparing my meals, and reading.

55. Write 101 letters or encouraging emails. 47/101

58. Donate $1001 (above what I give to the church). 180/1001

60. Throw out/recycle/donate 50 other things. 4/50

63. Volunteer 101 hours. 14.5/101

72. Have  $X in savings. 20.69%

74. Pay down student loan to below $X. 4.91%

78. Wear a skirt or dress to work 50 times. 6/50

79. Read 3 business/productivity books. 1/3

Read First, Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham.

82. Read 250 books. 23/250

84. Visit a national news site 101 times. 10/101

85. Visit a local news site 101 times. 4/101

87. Memorize a poem.

I’ve memorized 3 stanzas of “Mortality.”

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