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Some time ago I decided that I’m not going to apologize for not blogging. I don’t like reading those types of posts, and they aren’t conducive for discussion, so this post is NOT an apology.

However, please allow me to offer a bit of an explanation.

I love to blog. I want to make blogging a priority…and it is one of my priorities. But it’s certainly not top of that list!

Over the past couple of weeks, I feel I’ve done a better job getting my job back in order. But as I’ve been spending more time working out, preparing my own food, cleaning the apartment, and investing in the lives of others, I have less time for other things I might want to do.

I’m okay with that. I’m not giving up the blog. In fact, I anticipate having more time to spend here as work calms down and I get used to my new routines. But when I post here, I want it to be substantive, and for that, it takes time.

Blogging is worth that time, when I have it to give.

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