February 101 in 1001 Update

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Yeah, I’m slowing down on my goals (already!). That’s okay…this is definitely a marathon, not a sprint.

I’ve now completed 12 goals and am 18.5% of the way through.

16. Say “yes” to 10 things I would have said “no” to. 3/10

It’d probably be more edifying if I remember what it was.

19. Try sushi. - Completed 2/24/2013

So glad to have this done. Will definitely be eating it again.

28. Swim 303 miles. 13.25/303

I’m really disappointed I’ve let this get away from me.

41. Eat no fast food for a month. – Completed 2/13/2013

This was so good for me. Just wish that I had made it my goal to give it up for even longer.

45. Journal 500 times. 62/500

47. Blog 303 times. 31/303

48. Read the Bible through in 5 different versions. 471/5945 chapters

55. Write 101 letters or encouraging emails. 51/101

58. Donate $1001 (above what I give to the church). 270/1001

60. Throw out/recycle/donate 50 other things. 6/50

63. Volunteer 101 hours. 31/101

64. Invite friend(s) to dinner 33 times. 2/33

Coming from behind on this one, but I’m making up ground.

71. Leave a $20 tip.Completed 2/8/2013

One of the easier things to do on this list. Still, it felt good to bless a waitress (one that I think was a bit irritated we weren’t the quickest leaving the restaurant!).

72. Have  $X in savings. 33.01%

Unfortunately I know this number will go backwards this month as I have some car repairs to do. But hey, I have savings to pay for it! I’m working on building up a separate account for those types of planned emergencies, but it’s not where it needs to be yet.

74. Pay down student loan to below $X. 7.16%

77. Get new responsibility at work. - Completed 2/26/2013

This is still getting ironed out, but I’ll blog about it when I can.

78. Wear a skirt or dress to work 50 times. 13/50

Actually, more about this later, too.

82. Read 250 books. 35/250

83. Read 5 scholarly works. 2/5

Read The Signal and the Noise and The Righteous Mind. 

86. Try 10 new recipes. 4/10

Tried a new bread recipe, a homemade brownie recipe, cheddar corn chowder (really good!), and strawberry muffins.


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