FQF: Independence Day Version

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1. Are you “proud to be an American”?

I’m not very patriotic, but I am happy to be American-born. I don’t think that America is irredeemable, and I’ll continue to pray and work for positive change. I think that we have a good thing going for us and shouldn’t forget where we’ve come from.

2. What is the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen?

I don’t know about best, but I can tell you worst. I was in DC in 2000, and had what we thought would be a good view. Unfortunately, there was no breeze, so after the first few fireworks, all we could see was lit-up smoke. That was a first for this Kansas girl (usually the concern there is that it might be TOO windy for fireworks).

3. What is your biggest patriotic moment?

Voting in my first presidential election (2004…I was a month too young for the infamous 2000 election). My parents had just moved so I didn’t have enough time to request an absentee ballot (I was going to school in Oklahoma), so I drove up just to vote. I missed a quiz that morning, but my professor gave me a 100 because she felt like that was an excellent reason to miss.

4. What is your favorite patriotic song?

I’ve always enjoyed Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” but perhaps not all the sentiments behind it.

5. What is your favorite D.C. monument?

The Vietnam Memorial. I think that the symbolism is the easiest to get and therefore the most meaningful.