What to Do with an Extra Day?

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What do you when the Gregorian calendar gives you an extra day?

Well, since it’s a Wednesday, you’re probably working like me. But due to a bit of a coincidence, I actually do get a truely free “extra” day. It just happens to fall over this coming weekend, not mid-week. Because all extra days are best over the weekend.

The reason I’m getting an extra day is that my work schedule is changing. When I was hired, I was hired to work Tuesday-Saturday. However, since the whole reason they were hiring me for that shift was to have someone here on Saturdays, they couldn’t really have me work that shift until I were fully trained. After 2 weeks of formal training and 4 weeks of asking a lot of questions, I’m deemed “ready.”

So to make the schedule shift, I have a 3-day weekend this weekend, leaving my Monday-Friday life behind on Friday and starting my Tuesday-Saturday life next week. I’ll happily take a free day, but I don’t really feel I need it. I’ll actually miss being at work, since I really do enjoy my job and my co-workers.

So to get back to my titular question, what to do with an extra day? Well, I’ll be taking care of a few things I’ve been putting off: cleaning the apartment, doing a friend’s tax return, etc. Hopefully I will get some good reading and crocheting time in as well. Nothing particularly special, but a special day nonetheless.